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Tramsgender Vacations



Dr. Alexandra Milspaw
Counselor, PhD, MEd, LPC

Sex Therapist, Educator, & Consultant

623 West Union Blvd
Suite 1C
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Northampton County

484- 894-1246

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9AM- 5PM
Sunday - Tuesday 9am-1pm
After Hours & Weekends upon special request.
Skype or Google-chat sessions are also available.

Specializing in Sexual Health & Therapy, Trauma, PTSD, and Chronic Pain for Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Elders.

In addition to the these topics, Dr. Milspaw also works with clients to address topics involving sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction, difficulty with desire, and sexual communication.

Dr. Milspaw strongly works with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Community.

Expert in incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, and Hypnosis from a Strength Based Perspective.


Alexis Lake MSS, LSW


Lancaster County

717 575-3757

More Trangendered People than others, everyone welcome

Individual therapy, groups, couples, partners.
My passion is preventing the loss that is so common when people find the strength to move forward and become their true selves.

GLBT Owned

Kahl Counseling
Polly Kahl, MA, LPC

2130 Penn Avenue,

2nd Fl, West Lawn PA

Berks County


LGBT and Allies, everyone welcome

We have been providing accepting and supportive services to those on the LGBT spectrum and their allies since 1989 and have specialized in working with transgender clients since 2009. We provide letters for hormones, helping you determine where you fit on the spectrum, coming out to loved ones and at work, navigating medications and surgeries and all other aspects of being gender dysphoric.

Has a newsletter. Hosts support groups for LGBT community members. Sponsors events on LGBT issues, during support group meetings.

Accepts Most Insurance Providers.

Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center VERIFIED LGBT Friendly
Valley Gay Press Drop Off Site

The Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia

The Mazzoni Center is a not for profit comprehensive health care provider within the Philadelphia region that specifically targets the unique health care needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities.

The Mazzoni Center offers primary health care services, mental and behavioral health services, and LGBT legal services.

The Center offers targeted health and transition care to transgender individuals at a reduced rate or at no cost.

The Center also offers HIV and STD testing, a food bank, support groups, outreach, education programs, and housing subsidies for families and individuals affected by HIV.

The Mazzoni Center, strives constantly to break down the cultural insensitivity and institutional homophobia often encountered by LGBT individuals accessing the mainstream health care system by providing sensitive, knowledgeable, and appropriate health care and preventative services.


Main Offices:

21 S. 12th Street, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA


Counseling & Behavioral Health, Case Management, Food Bank, Housing Program,
LGBT Legal Services, Education and Prevention Programs.

Monday through Friday: 9AM - 5PM*
(* Open Door Behavioral Health evening hours from 5PM to 9PM Monday through Thursday).

The Mazzoni Center’s Family and Community Medical Center:

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809 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA


Primary Care Medical Practice

Monday: 8AM - 7PM
Tuesday: 9AM - 7PM
Wednesday: 9AM- 5PM (*youth drop-in 5PM-7PM)
Thursday: 9AM- 5PM
Friday: 8AM-5PM

Jamie Rush

1565 Linden Street
Bethlehem, PA

PA County: Northampton

Providing LGBTQI primary care for the entire community in a convenient discrete, home-like setting. Also providing lasers and aesthetics, facials, dermaplaning, and discount lab work.

Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center VERIFIED LGBT Friendly


Transgender Care at The Mazzoni Center

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The Mazzoni Center’s Family and Community Medical Center at
809 Locust Street offers the following services:

  • primary medical care
  • hormone therapy and monitoring
  • comprehensive services for trans and gender nonconfirming youth and their families
  • laser hair removal
  • referrals to specialty providers and community resources
  • drop-in health clinic for youth 24 and under
  • social workers on staff to help navigate and access available services
  • HIV medical care

  • For more information on accessing our medical services contact
  • ***************************************************************************************************

Tramsgender Vacations

Stephanie Land


Clientele: More Transgender People than others, everyone welcome

I have 10 years experience in the travel industry and work to provide Transgender vacations for our community. If you are Transgender and would love to travel to exotic places, I would be happy to provide you with one of these fabulous vacation packages. We organize cruises to the Caribbean and Europe and other destinations for groups of Transgender individuals (Transsexual, gender queer, cross dressers, intersex, drag individuals, etc), within larger mainstream cruises and resorts, affording an opportunity for Trans* community members to travel while being themselves.

Our upcoming tours include travel to Paris and Nice, Cancun, a Greek Isle Cruise, and a 5 day Caribbean cruise. See our web site for details, dates, and other information.

I am Transgender and work with the Transgender and Gay Community to help to provide safe and enjoyable vacation experiences. Call me to discuss all our tour options and possible custom tours for you or you and a group of friends.

Our tours allow Transgender community members to travel together, meet others, and have a fabulous time being ourselves.


GLBT Operated

Bradbury-Sullivan Center VERIFIED GLBT Friendly

Sponsor of The Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center


Renaissance -- Transgender Association (Lehigh Valley Chapter)
Amanda Porter

Lehigh Valley Renaissance

Northampton County

Meets at the Metropolitan Community Church
second Saturday of the Month at 7pm
1401 Greenview Drive
Bethlehem, PA
610-866-8223 (Church’s number)

Do You Have a Friend or Family Member Who Is Transgender, a Crossdresser or Questioning Their Gender Orientation?
Our Monthly Gatherings Provide a Safe and Nurturing Place for Members and Guests to Meet, Understand, Accept and Take Pride in Their Transgender Lives.
Meetings are Held on the 2nd Saturday of Each Month at the Metropolitan Community Church of the Lehigh Valley (in the Church of the Manger Building) Located at 1401 Greenview Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. 18018.
Doors Open At Approximately 7:00 PM With Socializing and Light Snacks.
The Meeting Starts At 8:00pm With Quick Announcements From Our Leaders. Afterward, We Open Up The Floor To Those Who May Have Something To Share With The Group. That Is Usually Followed By More Social Time. Meetings Typically End At About 10:00 To 10:30 Pm.
You May Dress In Any Way In Which You Are Comfortable. There Are 2 Changing Rooms Available If You Would Like To Change After You Arrive.
If This Is Your First Time Attending A Transgender Support Group Meeting, Being Nervous Is Expected And We Promise To Do All We Can To Make You Comfortable.
At Our Meetings You Will Find A Caring Group Of People Who Wiil Offer You Friendship, Support And Acceptance.
Feel Free To Attend Our Meeting Dressed The Way You Feel Most Comfortable. No Matter Your Age Or Appearance, You Can Count On A Warm Welcome!
We All Have Experienced The The Anxiety And Challenges That Come From Being Transgender. Just Remember That You Are Never Alone. So Let Go Of Your Fears And Join Us!
There Is No Charge To Attend Your First Meeting So Come To Learn And Be Supported.

First Time Visitor?
You Will Find That Our Meetings Are Attended By A Diverse Group Of People.
This Includes MtF and FtM Transgender Individuals, Crossdressers, Spouses, Significant Others And Supporters.
In All Cases You Can Be Assured Of A Safe And Secure Environment Where Your Identity And Any Information You Share Will Be Held In Strict Confidentiality.
First Time Visitors = Free!
Members = $3.00
Non-Members and Guests = $5.00
Yearly Membership = $25.00 (Pro-rated)

Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center VERIFIED LGBT Friendly


St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network

Dr. Anasti

Women's Health Center Bethlehem
801 Ostrum Street - East Wing 3

(Northampton County)


An endorsement from a member of the Trans community was received that said, "Well known in Transgender (TS) community. Treat pre op and post op TS Mtf or FtM, and prescribe hormones (with letters of approval). Dr. Horn & Dr. Anasti have experience with TS people from early involvement with John Hopkins.

Note: St. Luke's does not have a policy of non-discrimination that includes gender identity.

Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center VERIFIED LGBT Friendly
Transgender Hotline

Washington West Project
1201 Locust Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA

(215) 732-1207


24 Hour Hot Line: (215) 732-1207
Peer counselors take calls live on Sundays from 3PM to 6PM
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6PM to 9PM
Voice mail is available all other times.

The Purpose of the T-HAC Hotline and Peer Counseling Roles

The purpose of the T-HAC hotline is to provide information, referral, and an empathetic, supportive peer for transgendered people or those questioning their gender. It is our intent and interest to develop a broad range of referrals for this purpose. We expect that many of our referral sources will come from a consistent gathering of information about which services transgendered people tell us they found to be useful. Thus every new client, as well as every new peer counselor, will ultimately add to and help us evaluate our referral base.

The hotline is not intended to provide therapy or any other professional services. Part of our training is devoted to how and when to make appropriate referrals. Peer counselors are encouraged to err on the side of caution whe issues that are daunting or unfamiliar are presented to them. One of the purposes of having staffing concurrently by more than one person, as well as a clear supervisory structure, is so that caution is maintained in this regard.

There may be times when the peer counselor's role includes advocacy, which may require them to have contact outside the confines of the office. Such meetings should never occur without group discussion and approval. There is sometimes a very thin line between peer counseling and counseling more appropriately provided by professional therapists. The unequal power balance in the relationship between the peer counselor and the caller is recognized. The confidential nature of the relationship is absolute. This means that there can be no external relationship between a client and a peer counselor.

Because of the heterogeneity of trans-experiences and identifications, most new counselors will have wide gaps in their knowledge about various segments of the transgendered population. Training, both initial and ongoing, will be focused on broadening the knowledge base of all counselors.

We are also aware that our hotline will bring calls from associated populations such as partners, children and employers. Training will also discuss referrals and information for these groups. Peer counselors will be accepted into training contingent on their successful completion of an initial training weekend. When new trainees are integrated into the staffing of the hotline, an effort will be made to pair them with more experienced staffers. Monthly, mandatory, supervision-training sessions will provide an opportunity for developing the staffing schedule for the upcoming month. Many of the training topics will arise out of the needs of the group, and some topics found to be of particular importance will be revisited with some regularity. The initial training will, no doubt, evolve and change as our experience of what is needed and useful evolves and changes.

We are aware that we may be dealing with people at very vulnerable, uncertain times in their lives. Our own experience is only relevant if it seems to be useful in helping our client cope with some current difficulty in their own life.

Eventually we would like to have a wide variety of hours for the hotline to be staffed. Initially, though, we will be open the number of hours dictated by the availability of the staff.


Trans Events USA, Inc.
S. Kristine James

PO Box 239
Nazareth, PA

(Northampton County)


Event management and planning organization. Produces Transgender conferences. Call for Trans Events for more information and recent examples.

GLBT Owned/Operated

Emphasizes Transgender

Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center VERIFIED LGBT Friendly

Transgender Support Group
Young Trans and Unified at The Attic Youth Center

Contact Person\'s Name: Damon M. Constantinides, LSW, M.Ed.

255 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

PA County: Philadelphia

215 545 4331

Primary Clientele (please choose from menu) Transgender only

Young, Trans, and Unified is a support group for gender-variant or questioning youth ages 13 - 23. We meet at The Attic Youth center weekly on Thursdays at 7:15.

YTU is a place to talk about dating, school, work, family, transition, mones, and anything else that\'s going on in your life. It\'s also a place to meet other youth who identify as transgender, gender-variant or questioning!

We have a facebook page - just look up Young, Trans, and Unified!

Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center VERIFIED LGBT Friendly

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